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Local instrument service & repair experts.

Is your slit lamp flickering? Are you seeing inconsistent phoroptor measurements? Looking to extend the life of your investment with instrument preventative maintencnce? Whether you need a repair, cleaning, reconditioning, or relocation, our team is here to help.

To schedule an appointment for reconditioning service or repair, contact Chuck and Larry at 800-989-4700 x320 or

Instock bulbs, batteries & chinrest paper.

Beitler McKee has a large inventory of disposables ready for immediate shipment including:

  • Acuity cards

  • Batteries

  • Chin rest paper

  • Face shields

  • Bulbs for:

    • Hand Held Instruments

    • Lensometer / Keratometer

    • Perimeter / Retinal

    • Projector

    • Slit Lamp

To order supplies, contact Marty at

800-989-4700 x319 or


Running low on chinrest paper? Need a bulb or battery? We stock a large inventory of disposables available for immediate delivery.


Tonometer off calibration? Flickering slit lamp? Inconsistent measurements? We can help.


Extend your instrument’s life indefinitely with an annual reconditioning of your refractor, slit lamp and other diagnostic instruments.

Preventive Maintenance

Annual maintenance extends the life of your investment, and optimize your efficiency and accuracy.


When you’re ready to move, we will make sure your equipment is moved safely, and calibrated correctly for you.


We can help with layout, cabinetry and the retail environment of your new office.

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Service & Repair

Our equipment service and repair team, Chuck and Larry, brings you superior service with over 60 years of combined experience.

800-989-4700 x320



Beitler McKee has a large inventory of disposables, including bulbs, batteries, face shields and more.

To order, contact Marty.

800-989-4700 x319

Email Marty
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