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Beitler McKee Optical Company has been serving independent eye care providers since 1922. We are located in the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. Beitler McKee is a full service ophthalmic laboratory that houses distribution, manufacturing and services including:

•    Rx Lens Lab 
•    Stock Lenses  
•    Frames 
•    Ophthalmic Equipment
•    Instrument Repair & Supplies
•    Beitler University

Digital Surfacing


Beitler McKee Optical installed new technology in a digital surfacing line to manufacture personalized digital progressive lenses and backside aspheric single vision lenses, which brings you the benefits of:

Customized Progressives
  • Personalize according to patient Rx, PD, frame and seg height

  • Entire design is now closer to the eye on the backside, which means better peripheral vision for your patients

Accurate Surfacing
  • Current surfacing accuracy to 1/100th of a diopter

  • Previous surfacing accuracy was 1/6th of a diopter​

VISION Please God and customers.

MISSION Help people see clearly.



  • Accountability

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Family

  • Honest and Open Communication

  • Integrity

  • Rewarding Productivity

  • Servant Leadership

  • Stewardship

  • Team Unity

  • Worth of the Individual

What sets Beitler McKee apart?


One of our greatest strengths and secrets to success since 1922 is… we highly value people.

We highly value each customer we serve. “Who we are” and “what we do” is built around 95 years of listening closely to our customers so that we can meet their needs and exceed their expectations daily.


We highly value each patient we serve. We understand the products and services we deliver directly impact our customer, their business, and ultimately their patients’ experience and ability to see.

We highly value each person working here at Beitler McKee, resulting in extraordinarly low  employee turnover. Generations of families work here. The years and years of expertise and concern for excellence we have among our employees is rare, and we are proud to bring you the best. 


Beitler McKee Optical Company is dedicated to helping people to see by serving our customers, and also through supporting vision missions within our community and around the world. Over the years Beitler McKee has supported local vision missions organizations including Mission Vision and Guerrilla Eye Service as well as international vision missions, including vision missions to El Salvador, Uganda, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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