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p  800-989-4700

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Beitler News


We are happy to announce the newest in Crizal AR coatings: Crizal Rock. If you relied on Avancé, this coating could become your Rock.

Introducing Transitions Signature Style Colors


Now with four more STUNNING lens colors to personalize any frame

Designed with Chromea7™ technology that makes it more responsive even to indirect light, and in hotter climates





Send frame with order      -or- note "original" invoice number on order.

Include Frame Material with both EDGED and UNCUT orders.

VBA, EyeMed and NVA websites include only products available on the formulary.

Since 1922

Beitler McKee Optical Company has been serving Independent Eye Care providers since 1922! We are one of the few full service ophthalmic laboratories in the USA which offers local on site Digital and Traditional Surfacing, Finishing and AR Labs, Stock Lenses, Frames, Contacts, RGP Lab, Ophthalmic Equipment, Instrument Repair, Pharmaceuticals and Exam Room Supplies.


One of our greatest strengths and secrets to success since 1922 is… 

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